Modern Patio Lighting IdeasAdvances in technology have made decorating your patio easier than ever before. While in some instances it’s best to enlist the help of patio lights Scottsdale AZ professionals, department and big box stores typically provide everything you need to install patio lights on your own. And if you’re looking for some contemporary looks to add to your front or backyard, check out our list of modern patio lighting ideas below.

Contemporary Lighting Ideas for Your Patio

If you’re looking to revamp your patio, consider these modern looks:

  1. Add Stars to Your Patio Deck

Modern Patio Lighting IdeasYou’ll have your guests seeing stars when you add them to your patio deck. Though they are difficult to acquire, they are most definitely worth the time and expense. Perhaps the best thing about patio deck stars is they don’t require any electricity, allowing you to use them in even the wettest or windiest conditions.

  1. Color-Changing LED Lights

You can set any type of mood you wish with color-changing LED lights. Typically available in strips or as café or bistro lights, these weatherproof lights can change colors at the push of a button on a remote control. Colors usually include white, blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, pink and green. You can set the color to the weather, the theme of your party or to support your favorite team. You can get color-changing LED lights for under $10.00.

  1. LED Stair Lights

LED stair lights can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any patio immediately. And what’s more, LED stair lights are as functional as they are decorative as they illuminate potentially dark and dangerous stairways. And these lights aren’t just for stairs. They can be placed under couches, tables, windows and more. LED stair lights are available for as little as $4.99 apiece.

  1. LED Glass Light Panels

Modern Patio Lighting IdeasYou can forgo bulbs and lamps altogether with stylish LED glass light panels. These panels, which come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, come pre-installed with LED lights. They also include a wide range of contemporary designs. This modern spin on timeless art classics are perfect for darker wooden decks. Prices vary greatly based on panel size and style.

  1. Modern Fire Pits

You can always light up your patio the old-fashioned way with fire pits. While they illuminate your patio using the beautiful and natural lighting only fire can provide, today’s pits are available in an incredible selection of modern looks. You can also keep the flame burning several ways, as fire pits are available for wood, coal, pellets, propane, ethanol and natural gas.